August 25th, 2007

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My Baby order arrived! I was shocked it only took a few days to arrive. The postman came right to the door - I think I must've looked faint with excitement, because he asked me if I was all right.  Then he had my sign the paper and said he had to get back to his deliveries.  He explained that he was still a few streets away, but my parcel was some sort of priority mail and had to be delivered before noon.  So it arrived before I went to work!

I immediately brought it to the dining room table and after staring in a daze at the package for a little while, I opened up the box up.  A lovely scent wafted out - I don't think the clothes were parfumed, it was just the lovely scent of Baby the Stars Shine Bright.  They sent my a lovely bag with a girl holding her parasol on the front, walking with her puppy on a pearl leash.  I took that out, folded back the layers of delicate pink tissue paper... and nearly fainted with delight!  It was even more beautiful then I expected, such care obviously went into making the dress.  I took it out and danced around the room with it!  I bought an OP and the Heart Pinafore, in blue.  The lace is so delicate and pretty.  I also bought blue striped socks... I wore those to work, as a reminder of Baby, since I certaintly couldn't wear the dress into work.

It was such a dream to finally receive Baby in the mail after so many years of waiting.  And I've already put in another order!  I'm so grateful it came, and it all worked out.

My brother just came in to tell me something... I am wearing Baby, of course.  He asked me, "Did a grandmother's closet throw up all over you?"  But I am fairly sure he meant it fondly.